June 01, 2007

My Challenge Tally through Pantheria XII

Ok, ok, no pictures, since I forgot to take any, and no new articles this week since I've been too busy getting my class together for EKU (pre-1300 weave structures). I WILL post pdfs of my tapestry handout, my weave structures handout, and the as-yet uncreated handout on nursing and baby garb/care in the SCA, but they will all have to wait until next week. Sorry!

I need to keep tabs on my Challenge progress though, since I'm officially making progress!


  1. Tapestry techniques at Pantheria XII
  2. Garb for Nursing and Babies at P XII

(I am not counting kids A&S that I am just back up on, and no A&S 50 sessions)

Garb: (not including retrofits or alterations) **Pictures to come when I get them out of the laundry!**

  1. new fighting pants for my husband (he looks much better now!)
  2. baby - purple Eura dress (a conjectured design that uses every inch of fabric and looks great - gores from ankle to wrist, and sleeves that form the neckline!)
  3. baby - green semi-Eura (I made gores from ankle to wrist, but regular sleeves)
  4. baby- beige/white stripe dress with tan yoke
  5. baby- beige/white stripe dress with tie closure
  6. baby- salmon linen-blend tabard
  7. baby- green plaid-front shift to match Daddy

New things:

.... nada. I taught five folks who had never spun before how to use a drop spindle, just informally in camp, though, and held my first A&S 50 session (and I do another one tomorrow), which went very well, so all is good. Plus, I got a handout on a Cloisonne class I didn't have time to attend, and hope to try it out someday. For those that don't know, that is the glass on metal technique that makes all of the cool medallions they hand out in court! Hurray!

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