June 29, 2007

What an A&S 50 Session *is*

I talk here about a lot of my goals for this Challenge, both as an artist, and as its facilitator, but what happens at the sessions I hold at various events?


* Networking - meeting folks who are interested in doing the Challenge and in supporting their fellow artists in taking their work to the next level, (whatever that level may be), and generally getting to know the people behind the work so we can pick each others brains.

*Brainstorming - new ideas for projects, new solutions for old problems, new ways of presenting our art and classes, who might be a good contact person for someone, ways to expand folks' exposure and understanding of A&S

*Info Exchange - resources of all sorts (supplies, teachers, books, websites, etc), as well as sharing experiences with entering/running A&S competitions and exhibits, getting new folks involved in A&S, teaching and running roundtables, etc

Where other classes focus on single subjects, A&S 50 sessions broaden the view, discussing the A&S and the A&S community in general; how to make it more accessible, supportive and fun for all.

I hope this helps, and I hope you will join us at a session coming to an event near you!

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