June 05, 2007

Technological blues and EKU

I'm having trouble converting my paper handouts (tapestry technique and pre-1300 weave structures) into downloadable PDFs, but I'll get it eventually. Meanwhile, the Laurel List has had its own technological issues, including having to switch database software *after* having input all the names and dates of elevation I had available (243 of them); at least the names converted over from Open Office to Microsoft Works, and I finished re-inputting the dates this morning.

This blog might not be showing it, but lots of work is going on behind the scenes!

EKU this last weekend in the brand new shire of Wyndhame (Southern Vermont) was small, but *lovely*. Lots of one-on-one time with teachers, and the chance to dig in up to our elbows on hands-on activities. I went to classes on Anglo-Saxon pottery, A&S documentation for competitions, and peer-student relationships, and taught a class on pre-1300 weave structures (Class tally = 3), and held a brainstorming session with Erlan on A&S 50.

And (drumroll please) I tried something new (New things = 1)! Erlan taught a class on lampworking, and I actually got to play with molten glass and made two beads! (Insert picture here soon! Must... find... camera...) Now I just really want to know how they made beads in period... since I somehow doubt they had MAPP gas!

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