June 22, 2007

Small beginnings...

I'm all about the baby steps. I want to try 50 new things over the next eight years, but how much 'trying' will make it count for me?

I figure this is up to me, the individual challenger, for each new task. I would LOVE to try lampworking in the period style, now that I have done it with modern MAPP gas torches, but I still counted my experience towards my goal.

Other things though? I don't know if weaving on my mini-warp weighted loom is going to count as one of my things, or just the beginning of one; weaving being one of my foci in the SCA. Likewise, I am currently tailoring my first shift to fit my unequal height shoulders (I got stuck being born), but probably won't say I have done tailoring until I have done an overdress as well.

But these distinctions are *strictly mine.* I think that the 8 people that I have introduced to drop spinning since May 1 could easily count that as a new thing for them, even though they only spun about 5 feet each. They may each want to do more before they really feel that they have 'tried' it though - as far as their interest and curiosity takes them is as far as they should go!

Not much progress on either my Challenge or the Laurel List this week, since I've been down with a bad cold since getting home from an incredibly relaxing time at Coldwood's Opening of the Inne; good food, better friends, and my Scadian home away from home. No classes, no court, lots of kids and dogs running about on the list after the fighters retired to the Inne.

Good times, even in the rain...

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