February 24, 2008

Sewing project


I want to start looking better for when I am representing the Challenge at events, so I've finally got together everything I need (linen, linen thread, documentation of pattern, stitches and seams) to get cracking on my most period dress to date. Nothing fancy, just a linen under-tunic with 6 gores and armpit gussets, but I am really excited about it! I've done most of the cutting, and am going to embark on the neckline today; wish me luck!

Also,the A&S 50 growth spurt continues: we now have four Kingdom Coordinators, for Northshield, Aethelmearc, Ansteorra, and Lochac; and our fliers seem to have been a big success at Estrella (our yahoo group has grown 50% just this week!)

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February 03, 2008

Growth Spurt!


No, I haven't posted since before the holidays. Mea Culpa.

That does NOT however, mean that a) I haven't been busy, or that b) things haven't been happening!

We have a new brochure, which will be distributed at Estrella, possible new Coordinators for several Kingdoms, and, perhaps, someone to run a Session at Gulf Wars!

Folks are joining the listserve every day, and volunteers are actually stepping up to spread the word about the Challenge. I'm VERY excited that others find this a project worth not only putting their own energy into, but their own faces and names and time as well. Happy Dance!

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