June 11, 2007

Official class listings incl Pensic

No one showed up for my A&S 50 session at Midsommer's this past weekend in the Barony of Stonemarche (NH), but I taught three little girls how to drop spin (= 8! Maybe I should try to get 50 people spinning!) during the timeslot, and I had several students for my keyhole neckline class, which went well!

I don't think it was much of a factor (if any) this weekend, but my classes were listed at Troll, and not in the official list either online or in the site handout. Many new teachers don't hear that folks are looking for teachers until late in the process, and then don't get their offerings in the official listings, and then, if few (or none!) show up for their classes, it can be a bit of a blow, and make them less likely to offer to teach again in future.

It seems that most of these calls for teachers only go out on the A&S specific lists, and, while it makes sense to ask those folks too, this leaves out the large majority of gentles who know something and may be willing to teach, but aren't on those lists for whatever reasons.

Yes, it would be more work to post these calls for teachers to the local Shire and Barony lists, but A) it could get more attention from prospective teachers and B) it could drum up conversation about A&S activities planned for your event on the local boards, likely leading to increases in attendance at whatever eventually gets scheduled.

Let me be clear though - I completely understand that some folks just CAN'T get their offers to teach in soon enough to be 'in the book' for a given event; just this last weekend for Midsommer my classes weren't in the book because I didn't know until too late that my husband would indeed have the weekend off from work.

Likewise, peoples' Pensic plans are often not firmed up until FAR after the May deadline to have their class offerings listed in the Pensic book. I have taught at every war I have attended (12? 13?) and I have NEVER been in the book, and this year will be no exception!

Classes added after the book goes to print have always been listed at the A&S booth at War, and in the daily newspaper (The Pensic Independant), but I have often missed hearing about a class until it is too late, and I try to keep myself informed of such things! What is a heatstroked/soggy Scadian to do?

Well, Master Asim, the Coordinater for Pensic University this year has classes posted online at the Pensic University site AND, best of all, *they will be updated with new additions about every two weeks until War!!!*

This means that I can still sign up to teach, and it can still be added to the list that many folks will be printing out before war so that they can schedule their activities during the often long drive. Not as good as being 'in the book', but a BIG improvement, and available before one gets to Troll!

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