May 24, 2007

First Camping Event Frenzy!

I did not forget to post this week - I am just really busy getting ready for our first camping event of the season, and our first ever with children. Next week I'll have several posts for you to make up for it; on how the toddler garb I have made (six garments and counting) stands up, how the garb I have made and retrofitted for nursing works out, and the info shared at the roundtable I am hosting on Pregnancy, Nursing, and Babies in the SCA, plus I'll upload my Intro to Tapestry Techniques handout to my website for you to peruse, and I'll let you know how the first A&S50 gathering went!

Am I forgiven yet? ;)

What if I say I'll post a bunch of pictures too? My usual bribe/thank you is chocolate chip cookies, but I don't think broadband can carry them - yet!

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