June 01, 2007

Laurel List

I've been having some really interesting conversations lately about information exchange in the SCA, and one of the things that I have noticed is that there is this HUGE Laurel network out there, but unless one HAS a Laurel (ie, is an apprentice) one doesn't have any access to it (or even know who is out there), and the wealth of information they possess.

So... I went searching. I found the East Kingdom Mugshot Gallery , which is terrific (and has pictures!), but it only lists a few dozen folks. I haven't had a chance to see if such a thing exists for other Kingdoms yet.

Based on all of this, I am compiling my OWN Laurel List - who folks are, their home shire, their time period/culture, their specialties and any classes they regularly teach, and their apprentices (and THEIR specialties). The SCA is very much a WHO you know organization, and since the WHO often leads to the WHAT, I'm hopeful this list will be a good resource for linking up teachers/mentors and potential students.

Know a Laurel or are YOU a Laurel? Tell me about it, and I'll get them on my list! I'm just taking notes for now, but I'll get my data into a database as we go...

Another idea I had (and which apparently happens in other Kingdoms as a 'meet and greet') is a Laurel's Trunk Show - basically give Laurels about 30-60 minutes each to show their stuff, and talk about what they are working on. I see this as having two purposes: it would give the Laurelate the chance to show/talk about what they have been up to lately, and it would let the audience see who is who and doing what, and generally be inspired. A whole track at an event like this would be grand, but just a single timeslot at an EKU or Collegium would be amazing.

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