June 26, 2007

Schedule craziness

I think I have mentioned before how my husband and I have taken to creating a written schedule of who has our toddler twins when at events, and how I'm teaching/attending classes around his fighting so we both get to do what we want to, and keep one parent with our girls at all times.

Well, life just got more interesting; I'm teaching summer school. I've been doing a lot of talking about teaching here, and now I get to go back and do it mundanely! They haven't had any students for me for the last two years, but I found out yesterday that my class for this year is a GO, and it starts TOMORROW. Yikes - my plans for creating art this summer have just gotten waylaid, since I still have laundry loads of garb to make for my husband and children before Pennsic, and have happily already committed to teaching at events all summer long.

Yes, happily. Projects for myself can all too easily get put off, but preparation for my classes, and art that I create for them, are promises made, and so I get to keep them, and thus promise myself that time, that energy. I *strongly* doubt that I would be counting on finding time to warp up a new, portable tapestry loom this summer if I hadn't said I'd teach it at Pennsic, but I did, so I have granted myself that opportunity.

BTW - I'm teaching Keyhole Necklines and running an A&S 50 session at Glenn Linn this coming weekend, and I'd love to meet any of you mystery people who seem to read this blog! Come introduce yourselves!!!

I love teaching of all sorts, and I'm thrilled to be doing it again every day, even if only for six weeks (we'll leave for Pennsic within hours of the final exam). Added bonus? My paycheck will mean that we aren't popping the buttons off our budget every time we gas up for an event...

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