August 03, 2007

Hi ho hi ho its off to War we go...

Well, if we make it out of here before dark, I'll be happy. My stint as summer school teacher ends today, and I have NOT been able to prepare for War as much/as well as I would have liked. My girls don't have enough garb, and neither do I (not having been to War since before I had my girls means much of my garb no longer fits), and I haven't had the time to prep the history component of my Tapestry class as I wanted to (I still have the techniques part complete though, and that's the bulk of the class).

I suppose that no one is EVER completely ready for War, but with working the day I'm leaving for the first time (I give exams in an hour), AND taking children for the first time, AND, honestly, handing over of much of my control over the packing process to my husband... well, I'm nervous. I'm confident that we'll all survive as long as the weather stays reasonable, but otherwise? All bets are off.

One thing that I'm fairly certain will turn out ok? The A&S 50 meeting! Hurray! Hope to see you there - Mon, Aug 6, in AS 6, at 7 PM!!!

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