August 16, 2007

Growing Pains

Well, we have an honest-to-God Web Guru helping get our new site up and running now, and he is even thinking of offering us FREE hosting - Joy! The downside? He says that transferring the domain name may take WEEKS.

Ok, ok, the forums are hardly *jumping*, but I better be able to figure out how to archive that data (namely those introductions!) so I can put it up, as is, on the new site. Meanwhile, this blog will be IT for the Challenge. Folks will be able to comment here (gasp), and I supposed I could put up a copy of the intro letter here for new folks who want to take a peak, but OY; talk about a long detour to a better highway!

Anyway, we have to figure out what we're doing first, so we're good for the meantime. I'll let you all know when things get rolling!

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