April 27, 2007

8+ years to go....

So I'd better get started!

I have set myself the challenge of 50 Arts and Sciences projects before the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism - look up SCA.org if you have no idea what I'm talking about) turns 50 years old on May 1, 2015. It might sound like a really long lead time, but that averages out to one new project every 2 months, which means that I'll be busy!

The way I see it, this challenge can break down into Breadth and Depth:

  • Breadth: 50 projects in 50 different styles, disciplines, subjects, etc., or,
  • Depth: 50 of one kind of project, more or less alike.

The former really appeals to me, because, as a Jane (or Brunhilda) of all trades, I love trying something new. The latter also appeals to me, since I would love to really explore one art/skill in depth.

So, silly me, I think I'll do *both.*

  • I am going to try 50 NEW things. Some might be completely new disciplines for me (like I'd like to learn how to do some rudimentary celestial navigation), while others might just be a further development of a skill/knowledge that I already have (like I'd really like to try gold leaf illumination work with REAL gold leaf instead of imitation.)

  • I am going to make 50 NEW pieces of garb. My twin one year old daughters will likely get most of these as they grow, but hopefully my husband and I will get some new stuff out of it, and hopefully I'll clothe another gentle or two in the process as well.

  • I will also try to teach 50 SCA classes. I have taught a variety of subjects over the years, and really don't want to stop doing so, even though I now have the added considerations of mothering small children at events. Plus, trying to get all those classes into only 8 years means I might have to go back to Pennsic in that time just to get them all in. >:)

Fortunately I have a bit of a breather before May 1, 2007/AS 42, and my official start of this project. Too bad that my sewing today and my teaching tomorrow won't count...

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